Enjoyable tea break for the family

Enjoyable tea break for the family

Tee aus Südtirol. Biologisch. Hüttenzauber

Viropa Stubenzauber „Organic“

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At the farmhouse in South Tyrol, for centuries the ‘Stube’ has been and still is, the meeting place for the whole family. A very special room, carefully panelled with with pine wood and in the corner a large, stonewalled oven. The farmhouse had no heating, and especially during the winter this meeting place was essential, were children often spent their time on the wooden structure above the oven. This infusion reminds the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that the warmth of the oven spread in the Stube.


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Kodex 0598 Kategorie Tag
Herzhafter Teegenuss
für die Familie
Enjoyable tea break
for the family