Exclusive selection for the Ho.Re.Ca. service

Exclusive selection for Ho.Re.Ca. service

This is the online ordering section for Golden-Bridge and Breakfast products.

– Simply browse the categories in the drop-down menu on the left.

– Select the products and desired quantity and make sure the check mark in the column on the far right is activated. (Note: A product will be moved only to the order basket when the check mark ✓ is activated.

– To conclude, add products to the order basket with the button at the end of the form.

– This is an order form without payment. After concluding the order, Viropa will receive your order and process it for you as usual.

Assortment order! If you would like an assortment of different teas, please select the assortment item in the desired category “OSTB – TPS – Premium Selection” and place it in the shopping basket. Before completing the order, you will find a note field where you can list the teas you want.  

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