New: Loose tea served perfectly - Golden Bridge Tea® T.P.S.
The preparation of a fine cup of tea with loose tea seems simple and easy at a first glance. In practice, however, it is more challenging. The major difficulty is to find the correct portioning, as it is not easy to capture the right amount of tea with a teaspoon. If the amount of tea is too little (underdosed), the tea beverage tastes weak and without character. If you take too much tea (overdosed), the beverage is too strong and often bitter. As it cannot be assumed, that all guests are tea professionals / experts , it can happen that the expected tea pleasure leads to a negative experience and the prepared drink is not consumed and left standing. Golden Bridge Tea T.P.S. is the solution. The different teas are precisely portioned in terms of weight and quantity at our production plant in Brixen / Italy, in the middle of the Alps, to ensure a perfect tea experience.